Die Edelwhite Gin Geschichte

At age 50 Barb decided to follow her heart and took a course in wine and spirits. For her thesis her original  intention was to distill 4 bottles of gin What evolved from the project is Edelwhite Gin AG, produced with care and passion with respect for nature and the recipes' ingredients.

Vodka Zelensky, Made in Switzerland


Tobias Reichmuth, famous for his role in Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz was initiator and founder of the company DrinkForPeace AG. Tobias had the idea to produce a Vodka Zelensky and donate an immediate 10 Francs plus all company profits to Ukraine until 2026. 

Tobias asked Barb if she was willing to produce the first batch of Vodka (2000 bottles) and the product took off on a positive note. The name has since been changed to Vodka 4 Peace.

Edelwhite Gin bekommt Deal bei die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz


In der Sendung vom … auf 3+ wird Roland Brack (brack.ch) – Barbs «Wunschlöwe» – neuer Investor bei Edelwhite Gin. Mit seinem Team in Willisau unterstützt er uns tatkräftig mit Wissen und grossem Netzwerk bei unseren Ideen und Herausforderungen.

Edelwhite Fondue Gin


A Gin recipe created especially for a Cheese Fondue Gin Box with traditional botanicals. First distillation took place in September, 2021. Sold online in the Edelwhite Gin Shop and Biosphären Bergkäserei in Schüpfheim

Edelwhite Art Edition, Winter Gin, 40%vol, London Dry Gin


The second in a limited edition series of 300 bottles stamped with snowflakes from the Heilpädagogische Zentrum in Schüpfheim. First Distillation was in October, 2021. Most memorable Award to date- Winner in the Gin Guide Awards, 2022 in London England, Category Spiced Gin

Brennanlage Snow White


Stills just as ships, always have a name. Barb’s is called Snow White. The reason being that Snow White was the code name that Barb and Sandra used while talking or writing emails about their secret gin recipe. It was delivered in June 2020, and since then Barb has been distilling Edelwhite Gin and Vodka herself. This 150 liter Copper Pot still is the heart of all spirits distilled for Edelwhite, and the possibilities for new and innovative products are endless. A little guardian angel sits on the still in memory of Sandra and her passion for the Edelwhite Gin journey.

Einzug in den Lindenhof und zusammenarbeit mit Entlebucher Bier und Lindenhof Ebnet


The Edelwhite Gin Geschichte took a big step on June 11, 2020 This was the official opening of the Lindenhof in Ebnet www.lindenhof-ebnet.ch. Together three businesses put their heads together to create a concept new to Switzerland - a brewery https://www.entlebucher-bier.ch, a distillery and a hotel-restaurant all under one roof. Tours, tastings and workshops with beer and gin combined with lunches or dinners and overnight stays became possible, and groups large or small welcomed to enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening discovering beer and gin.

Edelwhite Premium Vodka


Our Vodka is double-distilled with fresh spring water in our 150l copper pot still, Snow White. Most memorable Award to date Best Vodka in the Competition, 2022, Hong Kong, Women’s Wine & Spirit Award, category neutral Vodka.



In October 2018 Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a short, emotional and painstaking time. In July 2019 passed away, leaving her husband and 2 small daughters behind. - It was in July of 2019 that Edelwhite Gin was crowned World’s Best Gin at the IWSC, just 2 years after the first distillation.

Edelwhite Gin Special Limited Edition


Hand painted by the HPZ in Schüpfheim, very small batch of 300 bottles Most memorable Awards to date Swiss Gin Awards, Silver Medal, category London Dry Gin

Edelwhite 57, 57%vol, Navy Strength Gin


Powerhouse with 15% more botanicals and alcohol than the Original. First Distillation was November 2017. Most memorable Award to date Best Swiss Spirit in the Competition, Frankfurt International Trophy in Frankfurt, Germany, Category Spirits of Switzerland

The first medal

2017 – Just weeks after the first distillation Barb and Sandra sent in their gin to the IWSC International Wine & Spirits competition to measure the gin against the best of the best. They were over the moon to hear that their gin was granted a Bronze Medal. To follow were many medals in international competitions around the globe.

Edelwhite Gin 42%vol, London Dry Gin

2017 – Edelwhite Gin. The original recipe is still being practiced and not been changed since our first distillation. Our first batch was distilled in May, 2017

Bruno der Lohnbrenner

2017 – Bruno was the distiller of Edelwhite Gin for the first 3 years. It was through Bruno’s knowledge and experience that the first batches and bottles were born. It all began with this mobile distillation truck. A truly authentic way to distill on the mountainside in the Unesco Biosphere where Edelwhite Gin was born. 



Supporting social institutions

2017 – The cooperation with various social institutions has become an important facet of Edelwhite Gin’s journey. They work closely together and are pleased to provide financial support the valuable hand work done by various organisations.


2017 – Edelwhite Gin is proud that 14 of the 27 botanicals in the recipe are local. What they do not forage themselves are obtained from the Kräuter Markt AG in Entlebuch and Tropenhaus in Wolhusen. This guarantees freshness and regionality that in turn is reflected in the aroma and taste of Edelwhite Gin.

A team of 4

2017 – At the beginning of the project there were 4 people involved. Barb, the founder, Sandra the recipe creator, Mark, the grafic designer, and Bruno, the distiller. Little did they know then that their plan of distilling one batch of gin would turn into a full fledged Gin business.

From Botanicals to the Bottle

2017 – Was als Projekt für Barbs Bildungsweg an der österreichischen Weinakademie in Rust begann, erreichte einen ersten Höhepunkt, als Barb überrascht und stolz einen Marketingpreis der Österreichischen Weinmarketingbehörde entgegennehmen durfte. https://www.weinakademie.at/ Ihr durchdachtes Konzept unter dem Titel «From Botanicals to the Bottle» (von den Kräutern bis zur Flasche) hatte die Kommission überzeugt. WSET