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Learn the art of distilling gin at the Edelwhite Gin Distillery

Take a trip to picturesque Ebnet for an afternoon at the Edelwhite Gin Distillery, situated in the heart of the Unesco Biosphere Entlebuch. Tour our artisanal distillery and discover the history of gin, and find out some of the secrets of what it takes to produce an award winning gin (and vodka).

Do you prefer your gin citrus, floral or rather herbal or spicy? The choice is yours. You will learn how to create your own unique gin using botanicals of your choice. Barb will guide you through the distilling process of distilling your gin. During the workshop you will enjoy a selection of Edelwhite Gin & Tonics before you bottle, cork and seal your very own 500ml bottle to take home with you!

Distillery Tour

Included in our workshop is a tour of the Edelwhite Gin Distillery information behind the Edelwhite Story and how it all began. You will learn about how Edelwhite Gin and Vodka is distilled out of our 150 liter Copper Pot Still, Snow White.

Choosing your Botanicals

All depending on your personal preference, you will learn how to create your own bespoke gin using the botanicals of your choice. We have over 30 to choose from! We have guidelines on weights and quantities - which is crucial to the distilling process and end result of your gin!

Distilling your Gin

You will distill your gin on one of our copper mini-stills and make your single-shot heart-cut London Dry Gin. The process is not a secret, but an art! It can’t be rushed, so while your creation bubbles away infusing the spirit with your chosen botanicals, we will sit back, have a chat and enjoy a Gin and Tonic (or two).

Once the distillation process is finished you will check the alcohol percentage of your gin and we will reduce it to drinking strength. You then bottle and seal it, adding your own personalized label all ready to take home.

Your very own recipe on file

A special aspect of our Make your own Gin Workshop is that we keep your recipe with us on file in case you, or your friends and family are impressed with your Gin and you wish to order more! As you create your recipe all botanicals and measurements will be written down by you, and your recipe card stays with us for further reference.

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